ForwardCulture is a social initiative focusing on the empowerment of South Asian women, founded by Aaminah and Seetal of TWO-BROWNGIRLS. Having established their online platform for several years, they decided it was time to focus on helping make real and personal changes in the communities around them.

ForwardCulture's goal is to inspire confidence and understanding of cultural identity, and to overcome the challenges that women of colour face in a modern Western context. By addressing these issues we hope to encourage positive social cohesion between communities and highlight diversity as an asset. 


Support Artists.
By creating and running projects in partnership with local activists, charities and artists, we help to benefit, enhance and support the South Asian community.

Inspire the Next Generation.
Through working in partnership with schools, colleges and local organisations we aim to create development programmes for young South Asian women. This will include a mentoring service and creative workshops for students struggling with cultural, social and identity issues.


Whether you're an organisation looking to partner with us, an artist interested in getting involved with our projects, or you just want to say hello, please get in touch by sending an email to